Heaps Happening!

There has been lots going on at Cobaarz Warragul lately. Nikki and Deanna are all geared up for a trip to Aveda H.Q tomorrow for an all-day workshop on Aveda’s new NeoGoth collection, where we will be learning how to recreate some awesome cuts, colour, and bring it back to the salon to share with the rest of our team. We get to play around with looks such as these:



Our Aveda Christmas packs are just about ready to land on the shelves, and as for our VIP members…expect an invitation soon to our annual VIP night. Complimentary massages, mini-facials, and great prizes to be won. Oh, and did we mention champagnes and canapés? If you’re not a member register on http://www.cobaarz.com.au/warragul so you don’t miss out.

Another thing that has us excited (and for some, scared!) is that the Reverse Training Night is imminent. Reverse training? Well us seniors are allowing the juniors to challenge us. We don’t even know what they are making us do until the day arrives. We figure we are pretty hard on them throughout the year with their intense training regime, and now it’s time for them to get their own back. And we know they are going to test our skills big time. Stay tuned for pics!