Cobaarz Kicking More Eco Goals with EcoHeads.

As many of our followers know, Cobaarz is an Eco Salon, not just by name but by our actions. We are constantly looking for new ways to take more environmental responsibility for our salon, and improve our impact on the environment through innovation and moving with the times.

We have done so by offsetting our already low carbon footprint (carbon neutral salon!), using energy saving light sources, using non-toxic paint and materials during the construction of the salon where possible, responsibly disposing of and recycling salon waste, using only sulphate free cleaning products, and supporting organic farming through our fair-trade coffee. Not to mention that by using only Aveda colours, shampoos and conditioners means that we are not poisoning the earth with traditional chemicals used by mainstream salons. But what about water?

Water use is something that as a busy salon we simply cannot avoid. However, there is an innovative new product that we are excited about that has been proven to drastically cut down water use. Introducing EcoHeads! This salon-only shower head allows us to double the pressure of the water, cutting down on our water use by up to 50%. Tourmaline Crystal filters inside each of our new EcoHeads provide softer water, eliminating chlorine and other minerals that would otherwise be deposited on your hair, ensuring a softer, cleaner, and less wasteful result.

Not to mention the super fine water holes provide you with an amazing scalp massage like no other! 

What do you mean by “Natural Colours”?

A question that we keep getting asked at Cobaarz is a very valid one. “Your colour is natural right? Well does it work?”. Our answer is always the same. Of course it works! We wouldn’t use it if it didn’t!

Although on average 97% to 99% naturally derived from plants and flowers, our Aveda colours are the best on offer. Rather than using harsh chemicals and irritants, Aveda’s years of research have enabled them to formulate a colour that simply replaces these potentially dangerous chemicals with active plant extracts that are found in nature. So basically our colours work like other brands, but the harmful ingredients have been taken out, and replaced with naturally-derived alternatives. Therefore being gentle on the hair and skin. And what about bleach? Aveda’s Enlightener follows the same principles!

Our range of colours is just as diverse, if not larger than other commercial brands. The formulas allow us as colourists to create endless shades that are unique to you and your hair. The depth of colour, condition and shine that is given by Aveda colour is amazing.

But do they last? In a word-YES!! Our team have drawn many comparisons between previous brands that they have used and Aveda, and it is unanimous that it lasts much better than we have ever seen. When combined with Aveda’s Colour Conserve system, Aveda colours last up to 7 times longer than traditional hair colours. If you experience skin irritations from any other salon colours, we are more than happy to do a ‘patch test’ to gauge your tolerance to our colours. Many of our guests who cannot tolerate hair colour at all are able to enjoy our colours without any problems.

Call Cobaarz Eco Salon Warragul 5622 2255 to find out more about our colour. Register on our VIP List at and receive a $20 voucher for use at the Warragul Salon today!