We’re switching off for Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017 (WWF 10 years_1080by1080px)
Image courtesy of WWF (earthhour.org.au)

On Saturday 25th March, we’re switching off to celebrate 10 years of Earth Hour and 10 years of progress on climate change.


Earth Hour started as an Aussie idea and has grown into a global phenomenon! While we have made progress in protecting our great Aussie outdoors, we still have lots to do. Each action we take today will have an impact on the world that our children will inherit.


In 2017, we’ll be switching off to #JoinTheFuture, to protect the planet for our future generation. Join us by signing up at earthhour.org.au.

Better Coffee? I don’t Bolivia!

Let’s talk coffee. We all need it, we all drink it, and we generally don’t think about where it came from. We started thinking about coffee, and it’s impact on the environment and those who harvest it, and came to the conclusion that Organic and Fairtrade is the way to go.  This move to organic and fairtrade coffee is a way for us to continue to improve our commitment to sustainable practises.



Our new coffee beans are grown organically in Bolivia. No pesticides, no herbicides, and certainly not aided by chemical substances in any way. This is better for the longevity of the soil, the workers, and at the end of the line, us! The traders are paid fairly and properly for their beans, and are not exploited by large coffee companies that then on-sell at a premium. Better for the Earth and better for the farmers. And at the end of the day, better for all of us.

Did we mention that it is delicious? Our new beans arrived yesterday, and we have had loads of comments on how nice the coffee is. And yes, it is still complimentary for all of our guests.