June special!

Pramasana scalp care

Try the new Pramāsana™ Scalp Treatment – normally $40, now $20.

This unique service was created to give you a healthier scalp and beautiful hair. It’s like a facial for your scalp!

Featuring the new Pramāsana™ product line, this 30-50 minute service will stimulate, cleanse and balance your scalp while leaving your hair beautifully soft and shiny.

Also receive 10% off the retail price of any Pramāsana™ product purchased on the day of your appointment.

Book now on 5622 2255.

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Winter is on its way!

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself with a pamper session with Michelle and Mikkaela from now until the end of June for just $50!

  • Aveda Comforting Tea on arrival
  • relaxing Aveda head, neck and shoulder massage
  • eyelash and eyebrow tint
  • shampoo, penetrating hair treatment with hot towel wrap, followed by a blow wave
  • finish off with a hand massage and make-up touch up.

Call the salon on 5622 2255 to book your appointment.

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Christmas has come to Cobaarz!

Happy Silly Season everyone! The madness has started! We have the perfect gift solutions for all Aveda-lovers!

By buying your loved ones (or yourself!) these gifts, you are also changing lives in Nepal! Our gift boxes and wrapping is hand made in Nepal, where once again, Aveda helps sustain communities that need our help. Aveda’s green boxes programme employ 5500 people in Nepal. Mothers can work and send their kids to school. Fathers who had to leave for extended periods to work can now find jobs in their own community.


“A Gift of Little Relief”

Hand Relief with original aroma, 40ml, Hand Relief with Shampure Aroma 40ml, and Hand Relief with Rosemary Mint Aroma 40 ml. RRP $45.


“Feeling Calm is a Gift”

Hand Relief with Shampure aroma 125mL (full size), and Hand Relief with original aroma 40ml. RRP $60.


“A Gift of Twinkling Eyes”

Make Up compact with limited edition colours! 4 Petal Essence Eye Colours, and Petal Essence Face Accent. Includes tutorial card so you can get the best out of this gorgeous compact. RRP $30.


“A Gift Of Baths of Beauty”

This gift set is a perfect way to get your hands on Aveda’s new range of body products! Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil 125ml, Beautifying Body Moisturiser 125ml, Beautifying Composition 30ml. RRP $79.


“A Gift of Peace”

Everyone’s favourite… Shampure Shampoo 250ml, Shampure Conditioner 250ml, Hand Relief with Shampure aroma 40ml. RRP $65.


“A Gift of Renewal”

Calming Body Cleanser 250ml, Replenishing Body Moisturiser 125ml, Soothing Aqua Therapy 170g, Hand Relief with original aroma 40ml. RRP $84.


“A Gift of Complete Calm”

Shampure Hand and Body Wash 200ml, Shampure Body Lotion 200ml, and Hand Relief with Shampure Aroma 40ml. RRP $68.


“A Gift of Peace and Light”

Amazing Soy Wax Candle featuring the signature Shampure Aroma. Burn Time is 50+ hours! RRP $49.


“A Gift of Stress Relief”

We all know somebody who could use this! Stress Fix Soaking Salts 170g, Stress Fix Body Lotion 200ml, and Stress Fix aroma Concentrate 7ml. RRP $125.

We have all of these in stock, but in limited numbers! Call 5622 2255 to reserve yours! X x

Introducing Food For Thought.

Hello there everyone. As you know, we are a holistic hairdressing salon, and are all for anything that can improve you in a healthy and natural way.

I’d like to introduce you to our good friend Samantha. Sam is a busy mum of two, wife, and a fully qualified holistic food coach. She believes in using food to help you reach your optimum health and wellness, and proves that it doesn’t have to be hard to do it. Eating the correct food can cure allergies, prevent disease, promote weight loss and bring out the best in us all. Believe me, she knows, because it was for the health of her newborn baby that she had to alter her lifestyle, and the results are there for all to see.

Samantha is consulting from Cobaarz Warragul every Wednesday, and also runs some pretty amazing online programmes. You should check out her story and learn more about what she does atwww.fftbysamanthabaird.com. Her Facebook page is Hunter Gatherer Health Nut, and she always puts up yummy and healthy recipes.

Welcome back to the Cobaarz Team Sam! x x

Hands Up Who’s 100% Happy With Their Skin?


Yep I thought so! Let’s face it we all have challenges, and we can help. Here is how!

Step 1: Take our Cobaarz Eco Salon Skincare Quiz and see where you fit in.
Step 2: Pop in to our Warragul salon for some free samples and see how YOU go. Let’s go!

What is the primary concern you have with your skin?

a) pigmentation
b) dullness and clogged pores
c) acne / oil
d) sensitivity
e) wrinkles/fine lines
f) no real challenge

What is your ultimate skin objective?

a) bright, clear skin with reduced freckling/sun spots
b) radiant skin
c) skin free of acne and oil
d) not having redness/irritation
e) tightening of skin and reduction of fine lines
f) easy-care routine with basic skincare

What is important to me with my skincare routine?

a) Natural ingredients that reduce pigmentation without harmful
bleaching agents
b) Mineral-based exfoliation and intense moisture
c) Acne-control without harsh chemicals or dryness
d) Fragrance free routine to abolish allergic reactions and redness
e) Natural boost to the skin’s collagen levels to turn back time
and diminish the signs of ageing
f) Replace chemical skincare with easy-care naturals to maintain
normal skin.

MOSTLY A:- Looks like you need Aveda’s Embrightenment range. This range is clinically proven to redice dark spots by to 34% in just 8 weeks. Our highly concentrated plant-based brightening blend will blast away pigmentation naturally. With ingredients like organic Shae butter for moisture, this will get you on the right track to clarity.

MOSTLY B:- Reduce dullness and give your skin a boost with Avedas Tourmaline range. Finely ground mineral tourmaline particles work to both gently exfoliate and draw moisture to the skin. For radiance, naturally.

MOSTLY C:- Aveda’s Outer Peace family is the one for you. In clinical studies, 92% of participants noticed a drastic reduction of acne is just 4 weeks. Using natural astringents such as citrus and tea-tree extract, here is how to get clear skin, without harsh drying, the natural way.

MOSTLY D:- Well we know how hard it is to have sensitive skin. That tight irritated feeling… Aveda’s All Sensitive range is great to soothe and condition sensitive skin. With soothing oat extract and organic aloe, you will feel soothed, clean, and noticeably less red!

MOSTLY E:- Aveda’s Green Science range is clinically proven to yield reslults in 4 weeks. It contains cactus extract, to help boost the skin’s collagen levels naturally, plumping the lines out from within. Naturally, and without injectables! This, funnily enough is our most popular skincare range, and can be used for prevention and treatment of fine lines and loss of skin elasticity.

MOSTLY F:- You are the kind we all envy…normal skin! Aveda recommends their Botanical Kinetics range to keep normal skin beautiful. It’s easy care, tailored for semi oily/semi-dry, and is rich in plant and flower extracts to take care of your skin without parabens and chemicals.