Cobaarz F.A.Q.

We often get asked loads of questions about hair, our team, and how we operate. We thought it would be a good idea to put together a few frequently asked Cobaarz questions! 


1: Are your colours natural?

 In a word, yes. We use only Aveda products and colours at Cobaarz, so you can be assured that we are using a natural alternative. Aveda works by replacing toxic chemicals found in traditional colours and products with plant-based alternatives. And at 96-99% naturally derived, they are super effective too. All of our team uses only Aveda in their skincare, makeup, and hair care routines, so we feel the difference ourselves.


2: How much is a ladies haircut at Cobaarz?

Our haircut prices vary. We have a tiered pricing structure, based on several things. The stylist’s years of experience, level of guest demand, and awards won all come into play. It also varies depending if you wish to have a blow wave, or choose not to. If you have particularly challenging hair, you may want to book in for our Director or Advanced Stylist, but we can assure you that our Senior Stylists and New Talent levels are very well trained too, and we guarantee you will have a fantastic experience with them too. 

All of our haircuts include a shampoo, complimentary ritual (Your choice of a scalp, neck and shoulder massage, mini-facial, hand spa, or make up retouch!), and a beverage from our barista-style coffee bar. We are more than happy to include a styling lesson, free of cost. Our haircuts range between $50 and $74.


3: How much do colours cost?

At Cobaarz we firmly believe in getting what you pay for. We have a base price for colours, and you literally pay for any extra by the gram. Highlights come in packages of partial, half head, full head, and toners are sometimes required.

We always offer an obligation-free quote at no cost for all colour guests, to ensure that you and your colourist are on the same page, both in the end result, maintenance factors, and the wallet.


4: How can I do GHD curls?

Ah, that’s much easier than it seems! Book in for a blow wave and curl and we will teach you. Pair it with a complimentary make-up retouch and you’ll be ready to hit the town in no time.


5: Do you use bleach?

No. With Aveda’s “Enlightener”, we believe that there is no longer a place for traditional bleach in salons. We can get the same (if not better) result without it. You’ll never look back.


6: How can I make my blow wave last longer?

We have some secret weapons for you. The first is Aveda’s Style Prep Smoother. It has anti humidity agents in it. The second is Anti Humectant; as the name suggests it is all about keeping humidity away. The third is up to you- a silk pillow case is always a great way to prevent matting and tangles. Really, it works!


7: What else makes Cobaarz an “Eco Salon”?

We try to do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We do this through our partnership with Aveda. Aveda also helps sustain indigenous communities and promotes organic farming, so by using only Aveda, this ripple effect is felt throughout the world.

 We use nifty “Eco Heads” on our basins, which minimise water use. Natural cleaning products are utilized in every way possible. Our lights are low energy use. We recycle EVERYTHING that possibly can be. Our coffee beans are organic, fair-trade and delicious. Even our paint contains lower amounts of volatile organic compounds, and we have used reclaimed materials wherever possible during the build of our salon. We have a very low carbon footprint, and are proud to say that we offset this annually. Yep, Carbon neutral! We walk the talk!


8: How can I get discounts at Cobaarz?

We have a few ways to help you save money at Cobaarz. The first and most immediate is to sign up to our VIP List via the website. You get an INSTANT $20 voucher to use on ANY service. You also get first dibs on any packages and offers that we will run in the future, as we email them out a week before other means of advertising.

Another easy way is to refer your friends. If they come in and let us know, you get sent a thank-you voucher for each friend that comes in. We also send all of our new guests a welcome pack, which also includes some more goodies. We like to reward those who help us out, so lets spread the love!


9: How do I know that you are up to date with the latest fashions and techniques?

All team members must participate in fortnightly training nights run through the salon. The Cobaarz training programme ensures that everything is done our way.

 We have traveled interstate many times for additional expos, seminars, and training. Nicole has been to international events several times in order to bring it all back to the salon. We love hair so much that it dictates our holidays!

On top of that, our team regularly visit Aveda H.Q for additional training. We go to learn each new seasonal collection, as well as product and hair fashion courses. In fact, Nicole and April are doing a high-level course to become as highly educated within Aveda as possible, a level only reached by a small amount of stylists in Australia. Nicole is training to become a part of the Aveda Education Team. We would like to assure you that you are in good hands!


10: Eek! My hair is falling out! Can you help?

Probably. Aveda’s newest and most successful product line, Invati, is made to help minimise hair loss and promote hair growth. Best you come in for a complimentary consultation and Invati treatment and we can get you started on this new regime. 


We hope that this helps answer a few questions. If you have any more please feel free to come and visit us at any time. Don’t forget to sign as a VIP on our Website!


Guess Who Is Coming Back…


Remember this happy face? The team at Cobaarz Warragul is delighted to welcome back April Archer! April is a Warragul girl, Cobaarz born and raised. She moved to Perth two years ago and continued to enjoy her Aveda journey. 

But thankfully for us, all good things come to an end. After having a blast in Perth, April is ready to come home to Warragul, her family, and of course to Cobaarz. And we can’t wait to see what skills she has developed in these two years.

April rejoins our team as a Full Time Advanced Stylist on the 10th of September. 

Her appointment book is already filling up! Don’t miss out! Call 5622 2255 NOW to secure your appointment with April!

Natural Colours? Do they Work?


A question that we keep getting asked at Cobaarz is a very valid one. “Your colour is natural right? Well does it work?”. Our answer is always the same. Of course it works! We wouldn’t use it if it didn’t! Although it is on average 96% to 99% naturally derived from plants and flowers, our Aveda colours are the best on offer. Rather than using harsh chemicals and irritants, Aveda’s years of research have enabled them to formulate a colour that simply replaces these potentially dangerous chemicals with active plant extracts that are found in nature. So basically our colours work like other brands, but the harmful ingredients have been taken out, and replaced with naturally-derived alternatives. Therefore being gentle on the hair and skin.

“And what about bleach?”. Aveda’s Enlightener follows the same principles! You can get the blondest of blondes without the damage of traditional bleach. That’s because it’s actually NOT a bleach. It’s a bleach replacement.

Our range of colours is just as diverse, if not larger than other commercial brands. The formulas allow us as colourists to create endless shades that are unique to you and your hair. The depth of colour, condition and shine that is given by Aveda colour is amazing. 

See this example: This was taken for Aveda Colour Harmony competition, so altering of the hair colour in the editing process would have caused us to be disqualified.


Vibrant isn’t it…sounds good? Wait because the next question gets better.

“But do they last?” In a word-YES!! Our team have drawn many comparisons between previous brands that they have used and Aveda, and it is unanimous that it lasts much better than we have ever seen. When combined with Aveda’s Colour Conserve system, Aveda colours last up to 7 times longer than traditional hair colours.

If you experience skin irritations from any other salon colours, we are more than happy to do a ‘patch test’ to gauge your tolerance to our colours. Many of our guests who cannot tolerate hair colour at all are able to enjoy our colours without any problems.

Call Cobaarz Eco Salon Warragul 5622 2255 to find out more about our colour. Register on our VIP List on our website and receive a $20 voucher for use at the Warragul Salon today!

Invati- Coming Soon….

This is the HUGEST launch to hit Aveda Australia EVER. Invati is a system to promote hair thickening and prevent hair loss…naturally. Thickening each strand diameter, and preventing follicle drop-out, you should see the reviews it is getting. It’s 97% naturally derived and clinically proven to WORK in independent tests. Invati has taken the US and Europe by storm, and we are next! Expected to be on shelves early January.


The Invati System is available for Pre-Order at Cobaarz. We can’t wait to see the results! Call (03) 5622 2255 to reserve yours. 

Skincare Solutions…Naturally

Looking for high performance skincare? Well we think Aveda’s skincare is only lacking in one thing…and that’s the chemical nasties that are present in most brands. Aveda have replaced these parabens and sulphates with active natural ingredients. That work!

Not sure what you need? Click here to take our quiz:!__warragul/promotions .  Or come into our salon for your FREE skin analysis and mini-facial. To get you started, Buy 2 products and get your third FREE. Get great skin SOON!