Christmas has come to Cobaarz!

Happy Silly Season everyone! The madness has started! We have the perfect gift solutions for all Aveda-lovers!

By buying your loved ones (or yourself!) these gifts, you are also changing lives in Nepal! Our gift boxes and wrapping is hand made in Nepal, where once again, Aveda helps sustain communities that need our help. Aveda’s green boxes programme employ 5500 people in Nepal. Mothers can work and send their kids to school. Fathers who had to leave for extended periods to work can now find jobs in their own community.


“A Gift of Little Relief”

Hand Relief with original aroma, 40ml, Hand Relief with Shampure Aroma 40ml, and Hand Relief with Rosemary Mint Aroma 40 ml. RRP $45.


“Feeling Calm is a Gift”

Hand Relief with Shampure aroma 125mL (full size), and Hand Relief with original aroma 40ml. RRP $60.


“A Gift of Twinkling Eyes”

Make Up compact with limited edition colours! 4 Petal Essence Eye Colours, and Petal Essence Face Accent. Includes tutorial card so you can get the best out of this gorgeous compact. RRP $30.


“A Gift Of Baths of Beauty”

This gift set is a perfect way to get your hands on Aveda’s new range of body products! Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil 125ml, Beautifying Body Moisturiser 125ml, Beautifying Composition 30ml. RRP $79.


“A Gift of Peace”

Everyone’s favourite… Shampure Shampoo 250ml, Shampure Conditioner 250ml, Hand Relief with Shampure aroma 40ml. RRP $65.


“A Gift of Renewal”

Calming Body Cleanser 250ml, Replenishing Body Moisturiser 125ml, Soothing Aqua Therapy 170g, Hand Relief with original aroma 40ml. RRP $84.


“A Gift of Complete Calm”

Shampure Hand and Body Wash 200ml, Shampure Body Lotion 200ml, and Hand Relief with Shampure Aroma 40ml. RRP $68.


“A Gift of Peace and Light”

Amazing Soy Wax Candle featuring the signature Shampure Aroma. Burn Time is 50+ hours! RRP $49.


“A Gift of Stress Relief”

We all know somebody who could use this! Stress Fix Soaking Salts 170g, Stress Fix Body Lotion 200ml, and Stress Fix aroma Concentrate 7ml. RRP $125.

We have all of these in stock, but in limited numbers! Call 5622 2255 to reserve yours! X x

Silly Season…Coming soon to a salon near you…

ImageYes, it’s heading to that time again. 8 weeks until Christmas.. Who has their hair appointments organised? We urge those of you that have not got your holiday appointments sorted to do so, as we are almost full for the month of December, and we would hate for our followers and regular guests to miss out.

We are soon to be getting some nifty Aveda Holiday Gift packs on our shelves, which are a great gift idea, or a great way to save money on your Aveda favourites and treat yourself. They start at only $29. The best part is that the packaging is made by Nepalese women, through a fairtrade partnership with Aveda. So the greatest part of your Christmas gift is helping support these amazing women. Come in and see our elves Taiya and/or Anna any time for a tour of the range. These two are like your own personal shoppers, and if they are nice they may find one in their own Cobaarz Christmas Stocking… 

Another great way to save this Christmas is with a Cobaarz gift voucher. For every $50 spent, we will give you a BONUS $10 in credit. This can be added to your gift voucher, or you can keep it for your own use. So $100 earns you a bonus $20, and so forth.

Above everything else, please look out for yourself this Silly Season. Take some “you time”, and don’t let a happy and fun time become a stressful and horrible time!