Aveda “Heartlands” Tour 2013


Last night our team had the privilege of being Aveda’s guests at an amazing event held on a beautiful rooftop in South Melbourne. Aveda Global President Dominique Counseil led the evening, which was both informative and fun, and involved Victoria’s top Aveda Salons.

It began with the guests (us!) receiving complimentary Aveda rituals, including massages, hand treatments, and customised Personal Blends perfume making (With Aveda’s head pure-fumist, all the way from Minnesota!). This was awesome, as it is normally us doing these on our guests on a daily basis, and it gave us a real appreciation of how nice it is to be pampered. 

Following this, the real fun began. Dominique Counseil spoke to us about Aveda, the mission, and how he has continued to maintain and improve the Aveda vision and mission globally, and gave us a real insight to the indigenous communities worldwide that Aveda (and us!) helps sustain. In fact, the organic sandalwood oil is harvested by an indigenous tribe in the Northern Territory, and Aveda ensures that they are paid correctly, and able to continue to live a traditional life because of this. More insight was given to the plans to increase the content of certified organic ingredients from 97% to 100% in the near future. He was a very interesting and inspiring man, and we think he does a great job.

Aveda Global Colour Director, Ian Michael Black then presented some models from the latest Aveda collection “Heartlands”. He spoke to us about scaling colour back, and his vision that things didn’t need to be “way out” to be creative and beautiful. We certainly agreed.


Allan Ruiz, Aveda Global Style Director then came on stage and spoke about his part of the collection. His vision for easy-to-wear, commercial styles rang true, and I believe that our team walked away with plenty of inspiration on how to incorporate these looks into those of our guests. The recently crowned North American Hairdresser of the Year was entertaining, fun, and so talented.

Thanks Aveda for inviting us to be your guests at such an inspiring, amazing evening.